[Histonet] embedding of small artery

Galina Deyneko galinadeyneko <@t> yahoo.com
Mon Sep 13 10:51:14 CDT 2004

Dear Colleagues'
Could someone share an experience about embedding of tissue in agarose gel with further embedding in OCT and cryostate sectioning and , maybe, paraffin processing.
( I found very small piece of information about agarose gel in Myneurolab.com).
Our goal is to embed fresh murine common carotid artery and receive ring (circle) of cross sectioned artery on slide. I per fuse intracardial PBS, 10 % formalin, and PBS+OCT in ratio 1:1, after freeze on dry ice harvested  artery,  but this very  small artery still very soft ant thaws momentarily for embedding straight. 
Any advices  will appreciate.
Galina Deyneko
Novartis, Cardiovascular department
ph: 617-871-7613

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