[Histonet] IHC Formalin vs frozen

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Hello fellow "Histotech".

Do you find the time with this workload to do the QC as well?!!!

Your workload shared between two is phenomenal.How many arms have you got? If you have managed to master the application of translocation could you please share this with the rest of us in the real world. 

You must go through tons of anti-perspirant or is this a slight exageration on my part?

Oh and please do not share your work practice secrets with NHS management here in the UK. Super techs like you would put a lot of lab staff out of work.


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> My lab works like most clinical labs in that all tissue is submitted in 
> fixative for H&E staining first. Once the pathologist sees the H&E sections he or 
> she will determine whether special stains or Immunostains are required. We 
> process about 100,000 surgical cases per year, and I do about 400 Immuno slides a 
> day. It is much easier and more efficient to work with paraffin blocks rather 
> than cut 400 frozen slides each day for our 5 hour TAT requirement.   I've 
> worked with frozen and paraffin processed material extensively, (I also run our 
> muscle biopsy lab) and as a muscle tech I assume you realize how labor 
> intensive it would be to handle such a high volume of varied tissue (bone marrow 
> biopsies, fatty and fibrous breast tissue, cytology specimens etc) in a frozen 
> arena. We also recieve breast tissue and colon tumor tissue from other hospitals 
> and from as far back at 1980 and the standard of care is formalin fixation and 
> paraffin processing. We have done intensive comparison studies (frozen to 
> fixed) and I can assure all my pathologists that   our staining reactions are 
> optimal. In our high volume, low staffing (me and 1 other tech) situation, it's 
> easier to keep as many procedures as similar as possible. Also, lastly, we cut 2 
> micron sections for 40% of our slides and the distortion from freezing+ the 
> thinness of section required eliminate the utility of frozen sectioning. 
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