[Histonet] Tissue transport from processor to embedding station

Maria Christensen mariac <@t> creighton.edu
Fri Sep 10 10:04:40 CDT 2004

Thanks to all who replied.  To answer some of your questions, our 
processor and embedding center are in separate rooms now, but not far 
from each other (10-12 steps).  Our concern was keeping the tissue 
warm so that we could embed quickly when needed without having to 
warm the tissue up.  We thought of just transferring in a beaker of 
melted paraffin, but sometimes we can't get to all the cassettes 
right away, so the wax would begin to solidify.  Unfortunately we 
don't have an oven in the lab where the embedding equipment is.

Our Tissue Tek II embedding station has a heated compartment for the 
molds, but no compartment for the cassettes.  The manual mentions an 
infiltration process carrier, and a vacuum infiltrator, but these 
accessories did not come with our reconditioned equipment. I would 
like to know more about the holding reservoir that Amy Porter 
mentioned - part no., where purchased, etc. because if the basket 
from the VIP fits in it, that would be ideal.

Again, thanks for your ideas- I'm a firm believer in not reinventing the wheel!


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