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Is there a specific reason why you wish to keep your tissue immersed between processor & embedding centre (USA regs or long distance between the 2)? The tissue will come to no harm if allowed to drain before carrying them, in their basket, on a metal or plastic tray to the embedding centre. I don't mean let them get ice cold, and all grungy, but this is how we used to do them in the olden days. In fact, we would just carry the basket on a wad of paper towel to contain the drips. Being clumsy by nature, this is a safer bet for folks like me, rather than carrying a pot of molten wax around!
Once there, the cassettes were stood up on the drainage area of the warming plate (these were the old stainless steel & black paint Tissue Teks) and embedded. I remember that the plate could hold the contents of the basket from a 1 liter dip & dunk machine quite comfortably.

Ahhh, enough of the reminiscences. Processed tissues will withstand a short stay in an incubator/oven set just above the melting point of your wax, either drained or in a metal pot of wax. FYI, we used to use stainless steel water jugs for this - have a handy spout to pour from. I never found out if they were specifically bought or "relocated" from the canteen.

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Our research lab is doing histology on a limited budget, so we use 
reconditioned equipment to keep our costs down.  We recently "moved 
up" to a VIP 2000, but use an old  Tissue Tek II embedding center. 
My question is, how do I keep the tissue warm between the processor 
and the embedding station?  I have the option of purchasing a 
paraffin pot (from an old Autotechnicon) and using that filled with 
paraffin to transport & keep the cassettes warm until the tissue is 
embedded.  Are there any other suggestions?  (My budget for this is 
approximately $500-1000, which makes the $200 pot a real 


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