[Histonet] Tissue transport from processor to embedding station

Maria Christensen mariac <@t> creighton.edu
Thu Sep 9 16:51:27 CDT 2004

Our research lab is doing histology on a limited budget, so we use 
reconditioned equipment to keep our costs down.  We recently "moved 
up" to a VIP 2000, but use an old  Tissue Tek II embedding center. 
My question is, how do I keep the tissue warm between the processor 
and the embedding station?  I have the option of purchasing a 
paraffin pot (from an old Autotechnicon) and using that filled with 
paraffin to transport & keep the cassettes warm until the tissue is 
embedded.  Are there any other suggestions?  (My budget for this is 
approximately $500-1000, which makes the $200 pot a real 


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