[Histonet] benzyl benzoate clearing agent

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Benzyl benzoate (phenyl methyl benzoate)
Refractive index 1.5685 to 1.570.
Miscible with alcohol, chloroform, ether and xylene.
Never heard of it being used for fluorescence microscopy.
It has been used as a clearing agent and mountant for thin museum
specimens, often with small amount of methyl salicylate added. The
problem with benzyl benzoate is that it is intolerant of water so cannot
breathe on the specimen while it is being mounted.
Hope this helps

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I would appreciate any information on the use of benzyl alcohol/benzyl 
benzoate as a clearing agent for tissues.  I understand this could be
in combination with fluorescence staining to image thick sections but I 
have not seen any reference to it in the literature (Pub Med search).  I

hope somebody out there can direct me to a book or journal that mentions

this agent.


Cora Bucana

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