[Histonet] quantitative graded scale for IHC

Carla M Conway cmconway <@t> usgs.gov
Thu Sep 9 09:22:02 CDT 2004


I would like to devise a quantitative graded scale for IHC results which
would provide more info than just +/- staining.
I have a reference where  IHC staining intensity was rated (from pale pink
to dark red) using alkaline phosphatase/Vector-Red, however we are using
Envision+/AEC which seems to be an all or nothing (red or no red) chromogen
with no gradation. We just received ImagePro image analysis software, so
this may be another route to try.  Thanks in advance for any comments or
suggestions you may have.


Carla Conway
Western Fisheries Research Center
Seattle, WA

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