[Histonet] Changes to methodology

Amos Brooks amosbrooks <@t> earthlink.net
Sun Oct 24 17:44:56 CDT 2004

	You know, ya just can't please anyone. I've sent messages to the list in 
the past preaching the fire and brimstone of certain methods of processing 
tissue or staining it or some such thing only to be berated by both 
colleges and vendors for either being narrow minded for not seeing 
alternative ways of doing things.
	So, being a good person I adapted my approach and when we do something 
differently I stated so and explained this as best I could with a correlary 
that if you want to do it differently that's OK just make sure that you get 
consistent results. Now people are basically saying that I'm advocating 
histology anarchy! Now it's "We can't have variation in the labs. We need 
uniformity and structure!"
	OK, which is it folks. Should we say something is not right if we have 
seen problems with it in the past, or should we say people are people and 
will do things differently? If you say it is wrong you are accused of being 
Machiavelli incarnate. If you say you do things differently but don't 
chastise them for not conforming to your way you are accused of being a 
"flip flopper".
I'm confused...

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