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Here is a Second Opinion!
I tried using a (Household) microwave for a long time and was not happy. After
I got my Decloaking Chamber from Biocare I never looked back! 

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         I strongly recommend that you don't try to put a coplin jar of 
retrieval solution with slides in it in the microwave and expect any 
consistant results. What happens with this method is you get a spike of 
heat then a temperature drop. Very often there is boil over and your slides 
dry out. Ideally you should be looking for an even temperature for a 
defined length of time that can be well monitored.
         For this reason if you *must* use a microwave it should be a lab 
grade oven that has consistant wattage and temperature control. It would 
also be good to use one of the microwave pressure cookers to improve the 
consistency. (I think Biocare Medical has them ... the guys that sell Borg 
         My ultimate recommendation is to stick to the tried and true 
waterbath or steamer method. It may take a bit longer but the consistancy 
is better and there is far less variables in the procedure.
Just my opinion,
You know what they say 'bout opinions,
Amos Brooks

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>Can anyone give me the pro's and con's of steamer/pressure (Decloaker) vs.
>microwave retrieval ?
>Our Doc wants us to change from the Decloaker to microwave. Is a household
>microwave adequate or do we need a lab grade unit?
>Does the microwave save time and improve turn around time?
>Thanks in advance
>Ed Harris  HT ASCP MT ABB

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