[Histonet] blood-borne infections and the cryostat.#[Scanned]

David Rushworth David.Rushworth <@t> mail.bhrv.nwest.nhs.uk
Wed Oct 20 07:58:39 CDT 2004

Our SOP states that frozen sections on tissue from patients with blood-borne
infections etc. should not be done. This has been custom and practice for as
long as I've worked here. After various phone calls to surrounding labs this
appears to be their custom as well. After looking through the current HSE
Safe working and prevention book 119 states that you decontaminate the
cryostat if contaminated with infective material. My question, are there any
new guidelines out there that I've missed? Or do I stick with refusing to do
them. P.S. cryostat not in CL3 room. Hopefully some info. could help me out
of a situation!! Thank in anticipation. Dave.  

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