[Histonet] oil red O stain on liver

Sharon Cooperman scoop <@t> mail.nih.gov
Mon Oct 18 10:53:37 CDT 2004

Dear Histonetters,

I'm planning to do oil red O stain on mouse liver.  I'm planning to 
use the protocol in J. Kiernan's book, which is very clear except for 
a few things:  Do I need to perfuse the liver prior to freezing or 
can I just fix in formalin prior to staining.  Is formalin the best 
fixative for this technique? (I assume that methanol or acetone might 
dissolve some of the lipids and therefore be a bad choice, but maybe 
there's a reason to use them).  If I need to perfuse the mice, do I 
just perfuse with PBS or should I also perfusion fix the tissue and 
with what fixative?  Is it important to cryoprotect with sucrose 
before freezing (I've never done frozen sections on liver before, I 
get adequate results on brain without cryoprotecting).

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