[Histonet] spleen

Petia P Stefanova pstefanova <@t> sten.sunnybrook.utoronto.ca
Thu May 20 08:26:28 CDT 2004


I have problems to cut mouse spleen. I have already optimized  my processing
protocol but I still encounter difficulties to get good quality of spleen
My cutting angle is good but when I section the tissue comes off the ribbon.
I tried to cool it, soak it but it didn't work.
My processing protocol is:
10%NBF - 24h
70% ETOH - 45min.
95% ETOH - 45min
95% ETOH - 45min
100%ETOH - 45min
100% ETOH - 45min
100% ETOH - 45min
Xylene  - 45min
Xylene  - 45min
Wax - 3x1h

Any suggestion would be much appreciated

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