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Why are you handling this processing? The CJD Surveillance has been set up 
by CDC to do all this work for you and also provide a diagnosis. If your 
pathologists choose to do this themselves, be aware of the protocols which 
can be found at www.cdc.gov and also the WHO website.
The biopsy should be handled in a level 2 facility. You need to wear gloves 
and face shield. All processing and staining is to been done by hand in 
individual containers which will be incinirated on completion, otherwise 
you will have deal with the demanding work of decontaminating the processor.
All waste is incinerated.
You will find all this info at CDC website. Also refer to 
www.cjdsurveillance.com if you decide to let the CJD Survellance do this 
for you. Free of charge.

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