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The sizes are minimums as you understand.  You will be held strictly accountable for ensuring that the tissue you submit in your block must exceed the dimensions listed and that the tissue on the slide must match the dimensions in the block (without excessive spreading from overfloating on a warm water bath).  Remember to allow for shrinkage during processing when you are acquiring your tissue when fixing in formalin and using standard processing.  To get 2.0 cm of duodenum into the block you may have to cut 2.5 cm from the source tissue depending on your processing schedule.  But 1.9 cm will not due.  Also, if they specify 2.0 cm of duodenum with epitelium along one side, they mean complete uninterupted epithelium in perfect condition, perfectly fixed, perfectly processed, perfectly cut, and perfectly stained.  Any flaws will cost you points.  I don't mean to be negative just to remind everyone preparing for the practical that you must pay attention to all the details.  Read the directions very carefully and follow every picky detail that they specify.  A significant part of the exam is the applicant's ability to follow written instructions accurately.  (Meaning, if they say a square, I'd recommend a square.)  Pay attention to the labeling of your slides.  Be sure your labels are clear and readable (typed), labeled exactly as instructed, and that your label material is in good condition (stays on the slide, no curls or peeling, etc.)

Hope this helps, good luck.

Joe Galbraith

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I attended a readiness workshop in NC and thought I understood the
instructor to say that the tissue sizes should be at least the size
indicated, so actually the tissue size could be larger, and that is what he
suggested we do.  Can anybody verify that I understood him correctly?  Also,
does the tissue have to be a perfect square, or can I just be sure it covers
the square representation provided with the test?  Thanks for any help!

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