[Histonet] DAB and beta-galactosidase

Serrano del Pozo, Erika ESerrano <@t> imim.es
Fri May 14 05:24:12 CDT 2004

Hello Anne, hi histonet list, 

I have a problem similar the one you had a couple of years ago in reference
to the DAB and the beta-galactosidase.  

I am using in rosa26 mice tissue (that express beta-galactosidase) the
policlonal antibody of Cortex Biochem, and the negative controls, as it
happened to you  gives me a positive stain when revealing with DAB...  ,
without primary antibody in a possitive tissue and with antibody in a
negative tissue. 

Were you  able to solve your problem?  

And does somebody know if this antibody makes positive stain in nucleus or
in cytoplasm (the DAB stain I was talking about gives me possitive in
nucleous, but I have seen articles where common X-gal staining is positive
in cytoplasm...)  

Can anybody help me, please?!?!?

Thanks in advance.

Erika Serrano
Centre de Regulació Genòmica
Differenciation and Cancer Programme
Barcelona -SPAIN-

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