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I agree, we keep some of our tissue at -20, which is roughly where the
cryostat stays, but I would worry about the defrost, refreezing.  As a
rule we avoid this by cutting everything at once.  We had some tissue in
the past that we were shipping back and forth across the county in dry
ice and some of the tissue thawed and was then put back in the freezer,
when stained the morphology was horrible, we ended up having to throw
out data from that tissue!  Maybe think about storing it in a -20
freezer on the block so it isn't so hard to reface if your pathologist
needs more sections.


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I suspect that if it stays frozen it will be fine.  The problem with
leaving it in the cryostat is the defrost cycle.  So it isn't staying
frozen.  I think it would be best kept in a -70 freezer.

I will be interested to see other opinions.

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  I was wondering about a policy for the length of time a frozen
block can safely remain in a cryostat before it is taken out and
routinely processed.  I have a pathologist that wants to leave the
frozen tissue block in the cryostat for up to 3 days in case he wants
do immuno stains from it.  I would be interested to here of other
policys from other institutions regarding this issue.

Thank you,
Wendy Snyder
United Hospital Center
Clarksburg, WV

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