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Vicki, our EM lab is a diagnostic Electron Microscopy referral lab for
several surrounding institutions/hospitals performing renal biopsies. One
particular institution is a very aggressive Transplant Team (renal, liver
and pancreases) and therefore most of their biopsies  are transplant and
require STAT results, same day results, which our lab provides if the biopsy
is received before 11am.
The clinician, the doctor performing the biopsy, in our case, it is usually
the Nephrologists (sometimes if the biopsy will be difficult, a Radiologist
is consulted, but strictly by them) will obtain the biopsy and place the
core(s) in Paraformaldehyde-G Fixative for HRLM-TEM and Immunofluorescent
Transport Media (both provided by us upon request). Institution sending
biopsy also provides the courier. 
My pathologist goal, Dr. E. O. Hoffmann, has been to have the physician
performing the biopsy to view the cores using a light microscope or a
magnifying loop as glomerulus's can be seen and therefore be able to return
to biopsy patient at bedside, if the biopsy is inadequate.
I hope this helps you a bit.
Teresa Flores
New Orleans, LA 

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I was just wondering how you all handle renal biopsy cases. Do your
histotechs go on the biopsies to identify glomeruli, adequacy of
tissue,and divide tissue for routine histology, immunofluorescence and
electron microscopy studies, etc. or, if not the techs, who handles that
in your institution?
Thanks in advance for your help,

Vicki Gauch
Albany, NY

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