[Histonet] "disclosure", -secureline- acetyl cholinesterase- musc/kid bx

JColCLEFA <@t> aol.com JColCLEFA <@t> aol.com
Mon May 10 13:59:32 CDT 2004

Solutions for antigen "disclosure"- mostly Citra @ 98C for 25min from 
Biogenex, Trilogy @ 98C for 15 min from Cellmarque (beware of tissue "digestion" from 
the high surfactant content) and Target retrieval from Dako but only for 
CD21- all these are dependent on which antibodies you plan to use. 

we had issues with certain lot numbers of securline pens- usually they are OK 
but every so often we had a bunch of cassettes or slides lose the writing- 
now we test the lots before they are put into use- if they don't work we get 
credit from the vendor.

I've had tissues lose antigenicity because of multiple melt downs, but 
usually after more than three or four times, and probably at temps way too high

We do Acetyl cholinesterase stain for aganglionosis, but I make all the 
reagents myself, I don't use a kit ( yes I'm old school all right- I have a herd of 
goats, rabbits and mice for my antibodies also-) (kidding)- e mail me 
directly and I'll send info on reagents, vendors and a no-fail 20 minute 
procedure-Jcolclefa <@t> aol.com

Muscles- we are a reference lab for muscle and renal biopsies,- send me your 
info and I will forward it to my accounts rep and see what we can do for you. 
jpcolema <@t> sentara.com

as always, questions? e-me at either my work or personal Emails. Call if you 
like 757-335-2159

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