[Histonet] Xylene substitutes....again

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In response to your questions:

1)  I used to use Histoclear.  
2)  It was satisfactory for most tissues, but it made brain, liver,
spleen etc. very friable and hard to cut.  Also, I did not like the way
it performed in coverslipping my sections.  
3)I'm not certain I know what you mean by having the same "power" as
xylene... I assume this means ability to clear tissues in processing and
dehydrated slides and in deparaffinizing sections prior to staining.  I
thought it was mediocre as a deparaffinizer (required 10 minutes in 3
changes) and was not miscible with the mounting medium.  It was supposed
to be compatible with xylene or toluene based mediums, but I did not
find this to be true.  Maybe the manufacturer has a different concept of
"miscible" than mine.  I dunno.  Anyway... in the dehydration series on
the stainer, there seemed to be a lot of water absorption which made
changing each tub mandatory at the end of the day... and I live in a
very dry climate...

IMHO ...  avoid histoclear.  If you can use xylene, do it. 

Oh, I forgot.  That citrus odor was really nauseating.  

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I'd like to get further into a subject that was already debated on

Xylene substitues
1- Which one do you use or have you used before and have the results
satisfactory or not (maybe with a brief description of the specimen
fixation, etc)?
2- Are these substitutes really better than Xylene,
3- Do they all have the same power than Xylene (I read about one that it
the same chemical power as Xylene compared to the other version....so
other does what exactly then?)

I am interested in changing our Xylene for a substitute but I need to
convince people on that.


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