[Histonet] glycol methacrylate and sectioning

David Laidley dave_laidley <@t> yahoo.ca
Thu Jan 15 16:43:37 CST 2004

This may be a stupid question but can a sliding microtome cut brain tissue at 30 um when embedded in glycol methacrylate. I know that there exists rotory microtomes that cut glycol methacrylate but I can't seem to find any information about sliding microtomes.
If you can cut 30 um sections of brain tissue in glycol methacrylate then does anyone have any tips on how this might be done (well). Or at least any tips or tricks you may have picked up over the years that may make the process go more smoothly.
David Laidley (MSc student)
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Division of Basic Medical Sciences, Neuroscience
dave_laidley <@t> yahoo.ca

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