[Histonet] FW: [COMPMED] Cassettes for an AO Spencer 820 rotary microtome

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Hi Jenny,
      Have Fernando give me a call. His message is confusing from an AO
point of view. I have evolved into the Leica Co  from AO, Reichert , and
Cambridge side of the cooperate family and  think he might be talking about
embedding rings.

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I am forwarding this message for a member of the Comp Med list server. Can
anyone help him ? Thanks Jenny

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Subject: FW: [COMPMED] Cassetts for an AO Spencer 820 rotary microtome

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Subject: [COMPMED] Cassetts for an AO Spencer 820 rotary microtome


Would anyone happen to know where I can find tissue
embedding cassetts for an American Optical Spencer 820
rotary microtome?  These are very small cassetts with
maximum dimensions of about 1.5 X 3 X 0.5 cm.

Thank you in advance for any information

Fernando Catalan
Trinity University TX

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