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Do you use tap water or distilled water in a waterbath?  Erie Plus Charge 
slide box insert instructions for use recommends this to avoid any hard 
water components.

Newcomer Supply has some super slides that may be a possibility along with 
the Erie Superfrost Plus slides.   Marsha , at Newcomer, maintains that the 
tissue portion of paraffin section must come into very quick contact with a 
positive charge slide surface during picking up process.  If you have 
questions, she would be glad to discuss it with you and she will send 
sample of her slides to try.  They do have a website.

There are also low temperature methods for retrieval using 99C waterbaths.

At 09:43 AM 12/9/2004, you wrote:
>Hey Jeff!  We have tried many variations on drying as well.  Generally, we
>cut the tissue, let it stand and drain/air dry at room temp for 0.5-1.0
>hour, then place on the slide dryer at 65-70 for another hour, then place in
>the slide oven at 80 to melt - usually about 20 minutes.
>We have also tried microwave drying.
>We have also dipped the slides (after the tissue is on them) into
>Even slides that are cut on Saturday, dry all weekend and not retrieved
>until Monday morning are troublesome.
>Dottie - we happen to have a few boxes of Superfrost Plus slides here from
>our Cytology department and are cutting some test slides as I type this.
>Thanks for the suggestion!
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