[Histonet] M.tuberculosis in formalin-fixed tissue

Therersa Stegall STEGTM <@t> samcstl.org
Thu Dec 2 11:07:28 CST 2004

Say y'all.  I have a copy of CAP Today in front of me, last months'. 
There's an article on pg118 that says somewhere around 10% of cultured
lung tissue, fixed in formalin, grew M.tuberculosis.  We all assume the
risk when cutting frozens, and the subsequent decontamination
procedures; has anyone really thought about this?  Have you heard
anything else about such?  Does anyone out there assume that this fixed
tissue is still viable (we assume that it is a mere capsular ghost of
itself).  I'd be interested to hear how you deal with this type of
tissue; precautions or not...... Terre

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