[Histonet] urgent problem - cryoprotection

Barbara Bublava barbara.bublava <@t> meduniwien.ac.at
Mon Aug 23 01:09:43 CDT 2004

Thank you very much for your help. My cryostat will soon be repaired and I
decided to leave the specimes in succrose. But now there appears another
problem. I will do oil red O with these specimens and my boss says now, that
the succrose and/or the O.C.T. is washing out the fat. He also says that oil
red O is not state of the art for diagnosing thrombosis of fat in

I do not think so, but just to be shure I would be interested in your

I know methods using Sudan Black or other dyes but they use the same
principle as oil red O. The only "real" alternative I read about here in
Histonet is using osmiumtetroxide and doing paraffinsections. But as I
remember Osmiumtetroxide is not very healthy and has to be collected for

Thank you all for your help!!!

Barbara Bublava, Vienna

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