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Sat Aug 21 05:14:12 CDT 2004

OK Bryan,
It will take a little while, but I shall start.  I wonder that someone has
already scanned some journals, like "path and bact", stain tech and
histochem journal.  Or at least found the annual indexes to scan.  There are
Stain tech 69-83 and Histochen J 79-86 beside me now, and I wonder at the
quantity of published material.   
Maybe I shall ask the IBMS,  I remember there is/was a historical section
that may have moved from preservation to digitising.   Not the same as
"Brass and Glass", but.  


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I have a big favour to ask.  I am the author of the StainsFile web site 
(http://stainsfile.info).  One of my aims for this site is to include 
all published staining methods.  I know that's quite futile, but I would 
like to get as many as possible.

I have the IMLT journals between 1962 and about 1975, when I let my 
membership finally lapse after emigrating to Canada.  Is there any 
possibility that I could get you to scan or photocopy any histological 
methods involving techniques or theory about dyes or metallic 
impregnations (almost everything except immuno- or enzyme histochemistry 
as these are outside my limits for the site) from any journals you have 
apart from those years?  I would like to be able to include the material 
on StainsFile, and I have been wondering how I might be able to get 
details from Canada.   Unfortunately, none of the British Techs I know 
over here has kept their copies, or have let their membership lapse.

Here's hoping.

Bryan Llewellyn

Edmondson David (RBV) NHS Christie Tr wrote:
> John,  
> I have all the back issues of the IMLT/IMLS Journal so will have look, but
> slowly, over a glass.  ( I inherited them, honest )
> Dave
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