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Tue Aug 17 11:19:44 CDT 2004

     We have outside clients wrap the  fresh muscle in saline dampened gauze put it in a biohazard bag then place that bag in another containing ice. Most of the time the biopsies are sent by cab or by one of  their security personnel.  But they are sometimes shipped overnight on ice. We did run some tests on Autopsy muscle and saw only  minimal loss of enzyme histochemistry after 72 hours of refrigerator storage.  But we prefer  than  none go  longer than 48 before snap freezing, and specify that the muscles must be received within 24 hours.
Rena Fail

>>> <Vivian.King <@t> CLS.ab.ca> 08/17/04 11:45AM >>>
Does anyone out there get muscle biopsies sent to them from far away? (ie: a
few hours transport time)
How are they sent to you? (Fresh? or Frozen in proper orientation?)
I am wondering if anyone has any idea how long a muscle bx can be held on
ice before the diagnostic value of the tissue is compromised. Any
information would be greatly appreciated.

Vivian King 
Tech II - Neuropathology 
Calgary, Alberta 
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