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There is an article in December 1998 Journal of Histotechnology "Delayed
Processing of Muscle Biopsy Specimens:  Does it Really Compromise Enzyme
Histochemistry?" The paper addresses extended delay (up to 48 hours) in
processing muscle biopsies. I can fax a copy if you would like.

When muscle biopsies are transported to us, ideally we like to receive
the tissue on regular ice (not dry ice) within 3 hours. At times it has
taken up to 6 hours to receive samples. The staining & diagnostic value
of the muscle tissue has remained intact in all cases. With extended
transport time usually PAS staining is the most compromised due to
glycogan leakage. But one can always note the difference in the section
quality of a muscle biopsy that was frozen & sectioned on site vs a
biopsy that was transported to us for processing.

We tend to see more problems with muscle samples when they are frozen on
site then transported to us on dry ice. Much more artifact with that
method - but they are still diagnostic.

Jean Mitchell, BS, HT (ASCP)
University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics
Department of Neurology
Madison, WI

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Does anyone out there get muscle biopsies sent to them from far away?
(ie: a few hours transport time) How are they sent to you? (Fresh? or
Frozen in proper orientation?) I am wondering if anyone has any idea how
long a muscle bx can be held on ice before the diagnostic value of the
tissue is compromised. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Vivian King
Tech II - Neuropathology
Calgary, Alberta
vivian.king <@t> cls.ab.ca 

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