[Histonet] Processing tissue engineering sample

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For more convenient chilled isopentane, see the following link:



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I have cut gels for IHC and maybe able to give you some information.
Freezing in isopentane works for us.  We do not use cryoprotection and have
cut the gels to orient them.

I would be glad to talk with you and send you some references if you would

Carol M. Johnston HT(ASCP)
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I would like advice about processing some experimental gels containing
fibroblasts.  The goal is to stain immunohistochemically for extracellular
collagen in small gel samples (5mm diameter, 300 micron thick).  It is
to cut the gels perpendicular to the surface in order to get multiple
that can be stained with different antibodies.  Cryosectioning would be
preferable since dehydration would probably cause shrinkage of the gels.

Questions:  (1) should the gels be treated with a cryoperservative such as
sucrose before freeezing? (2) any tips for orienting the gel discs for nice
cross-sections? (3) Is freezing in isopentane cooled with liquid nitrogen
best freezing method?

Thanks very much,

Jim Kobler, Ph.D.
Mass General Hospital
jkobler <@t> partners.org

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