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Sorry, I didn't realize my full address wasn't on there.  It is:
bjackson <@t> unipathllc.com.  I really appreciate your help.  I'll let you know
how it turns out.

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This second message must have been to someone else----the procedures I
send you will get your sections. Brianna, there is nothing keeping you
from fixing the sections after they are cut.  But I urge you to look at
and try the methods I will send you. They outdid in appearance and
utility anything in the standard procedure!!!  
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I actually already tried to use formalin-fixed muscle.  You're exactly
right, it sectioned great, but I could never get any decent staining.  I
tried post-fixing for 24 hrs. in Zenker's vs. post-fixing for 3 Hrs in
Zenker's at 56 degrees.  I tried all three protocols in Sheehan and the
protocol in Carson.  I'm at a loss for what to do next if I can't make
Zenker fixed muscle work.  At least I've learned a lot about the stain.


Brianna Jackson, BS, QIHC

UniPath, LLC

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