[Histonet] Cytochrome oxidase (COX) staining

Subratab subratab <@t> bdonline.com
Fri Aug 6 12:23:48 CDT 2004

Dear Martin
Your mail has drawn my attention. I am also interested to know if there is
any non-DAB method for COX staining. I expect that someone from histoland
may reply.
However, we were unable to get a good COX staining in frozen kidney tissue
(rat), may be due to excess endo peroxidase in kidney. Could you please
e-mail me your protocol?
(PS: I have seen your nice website, although in Deutsch.)
Best regards

Subrata Biswas
University of Campinas, Brazil.

Martin wrote:
Dear Histonet members,
staining of snap frozen muscle tissue for cytochrome oxidase (COX) using
diaminobenzidine (DAB) works nicely in our laboratory.
We would be happy to know, however, if anybody is aware of an
non-carcinogenic alternative method to visualize cytochrome oxidase
Thank you very much for your help
Martin Hasselblatt

Martin Hasselblatt
Institute of Neuropathology
University Hospital
Münster, Germany

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