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A long time ago in a galaxy far away, OK when I was a trainee and in Bonnie
Scotland, we used Lendrum's method. It worked every time on formalin fixed
tissue with no Bouin's or Picric acid pretreatment. It was as follows

Stain nuclei with Celestine blue haematoxylin
differentiate as required
rinse in 95% alcohol
stain in Martius Yellow            2 Mins
( 0.5 gms Martius Yellow, 2 gms Phoshotungstic acid, 100 ml 95% ethanol)
Rinse in water
stain in Brilliant Crystal Scarlet       10 mins
( 1gm Brilliant Crystal Scarlet 6R, 100mls 2.5% aqueous acetic acid)
Rinse in water
treat with 1% aqueous Phosphotungstic acid    5 mins
rinse in water
Stain in Soluble Blue              10 mins
(0.5gms Soluble Blue, 100 mls 1% aqueous acetic acid)
Rinse in water
dehydrate in 100% alcohol
Clear in xylene and coverslip

Worked every time and gave brilliant staining

Good luck

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