[Histonet] Staining for Macrophages

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Thanks, Gail, you're right.  Does FA-11 work on FFPE tissue and do 
you need HIER?  Serotec doesn't say.


>Sorry, but ED-1 (CD68) is a Mouse anti-Rat antibody for a subset of 
>rat macrophages.  It may cross react to mouse but you would be doing 
>doing mouse on mouse IHC.     The CD68 for mouse is rat anti-mouse, 
>clone FA-11 for murine peritoneal macrophages.  SEROTEC is a source 
>of these antibodies, including the F4/80 (Rat anti-mouse).  
>A sidenote:  SEROTEC has a free macrophage differentiation poster 
>available upon request.
>At 06:58 PM 8/4/2004, you wrote:
>>You can use ED-1 from Serotec.  It works on FFPE tissue with pH 6.0 
>>citrate antigen retrieval and on frozen tissue without AR.  You can 
>>also use F4/80 on frozen tissue.  Both are rat monoclonals and you 
>>can use an anti-rat secondary Ab cross adsorbed against mouse IgG. 
>>You could also also use ricin 1 from Vector or E-Y Laboratories 
>>which binds mouse macrophages.  Ricin 1 is not the dangerous ricin. 
>>I don't know details of how to use it (I did once, but I don't 
>>remember).  There are books available or the manufacturers may know 
>>or maybe some other Histonet folks.  I have used ED1 and F4/80 on 
>>mouse tissues and I think it's your best bet.
>>>I had previously asked about MAC-387 staining.  Unfortunately, we 
>>>can't use the staining because we are staining mouse kidney and it 
>>>doesn't look right if you stain with a mouse anti-body.  Does 
>>>anyone know of a way to stain for macrophages with out an 
>>>antibody???  Or perhaps a polyclonal antibody????  Thanks a bunch!
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