[Histonet] Microwave Staining

Steven E. Slap siksik03 <@t> comcast.net
Fri Apr 16 07:24:40 CDT 2004

Hi HistoNetters

Dave asks whether lab microwaves are any 
different behind the label.  The answer is, some 
are, and some aren't.  Many lab microwaves start 
life as kitchen microwaves, and have their 
electronics replaced.  Others are built from the 
ground up for the lab.  It's important to ask, 
and you get what you pay for.

That being said, what all lab microwaves should provide are:

°  vented cavity for safety

°  accurate, reproducible, calibrated power or temperature control

°  tested protocols for whatever application you need

°  cycle time of 2 seconds or less or continuous power option

°  agitation or stirring

A NCCLS document is in the final stages which 
will address the use of domestic microwaves in 
the lab.

best regards,
Steven Slap
Microwave Consultant

At 5:47 PM +0100 4/14/04, Edmondson David (RBV) NHS Christie Tr wrote:
>Hi Daryl,
>Just to say that we have been using domestic microwaves for years,
>replacement is relatively simple and inexpensive.  Matsui 650 watt and Sharp
>650 watt were fine but now a Sharp 800 watt.
>We have always gone for the digital/numerical keypad versions,  so entering
>the times has been staightforward.
>So are the lab variety any different behind the label?
>Christie Hosp
>Manchester UK

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