[Histonet] Isopropanol in processing

KAELPERS <@t> aol.com KAELPERS <@t> aol.com
Wed Apr 14 20:24:04 CDT 2004

I have read articles and attended workshops in which it has been stated that 
isoproponal is more harsh on tissue.  Has your facility considered buying a 
recycler to resolve the issues with purchasing of Ethanol?  CBG Biotech has a 
unit that will recycle alcohol and xylene on the same unit.  We are trialing one 
that recycles formalin, xylene and alcohol all in one unit.  It is going to 
save us more than 30,000.00 a year.  Propose a trial it is free.  Contact 
eweinblatt <@t> cbgbiotech.com for information.


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