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I agree strongly with Amos and have basically gotten the same results.  it's
a pain in the neck (and I don't mean from looking in the scope).  I have run
a couple, from different manufacturers, tried all the usual tricks(automated
and not) and none of them performed consistently. I figured I would just
pick one and stick with and just go the brute force approach,  use it until
I get results that I can live with.  Hope this helps, regards

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         Sorry to say there's no such thing. VEGF, despite any
specifications, just doesn't work properly. We've tried at least 4
different vendors with hardly any success. Either it didn't label at all,
labeled in all the wrong places, or the negative control looked the same as
the test tissue. Check the controls closely if you try this. It's just not
a reliable antibody.
Amos Brooks

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>Hi again,
>Wondering if anyone can recommend a good, reliable VEGF (vascular
>endothelial growth factor) antibody?  If you've run yours on a Ventana
>instrument, so much the better.
>Thanks for the help,
>Linda A. Sebree
>University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics
>IHC/ISH Clinical & Research Laboratory
>600 Highland Ave.
>Madison, WI 53792
>FAX:  (608)262-7174

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