[Histonet] How to educe back ground

Baowei Peng pengbaowei <@t> 21cn.com
Mon Dec 29 19:52:48 CST 2003

Thanks for your kindly responses.
My second Ab is said to be a mAb in the description file from=
 manufacture. But do not say if it was absorbed by rat IgG,=
 problely not.
David Wright is right. There is an inflammatory reaction as seen=
 by mononuclear cell infiltration and diapedesis in the tissue.
So maybe add rat serum to blocking and antibody diluent reagent=
 will work. I will try this out. 


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=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1pengbaowei <@t> 21cn.com

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