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Sun Dec 21 11:01:59 CST 2003

Thank you all for your responses. I agree with all of you in that sectioning 
for the 8 hour period is tiresome and hard on my back at times, this last fact 
being especially unnerving since I am only 26.:) 

I also appreciate all the advice and tips I have received in terms of quality 
vs. speed. This I will follow religiously and hope that my boss appreciates 
the difference. We at Doheny concentrate mainly on ocular biopsies i.e., 
globes, lagrimals, etc. So, it is difficult to try and increase speed, especially 
with the globes.

Once again thank you all very much and if there is any other tips that you 
can share in the future please let me know. I will appreciate all and any help 


Elisa Gonzalez
Research Tech. II
Doheny Eye Institute
Pathology Department
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