[Histonet] Negative response from the Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology

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I appreciate all your work and encourage you to submit your work for
publication in the Journal of Histotechnology, I will see that you are
offered all the assistance you may need.
Patsy Ruegg
Assistant Editor, JOH

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Most of you have noticed my offer of muscle and nerve packets offered AT NO
CHARGE to all interested histotechs. It has been showing up on the Histonet
since July  Well, I was hoping to add similar offers to neuropathologists by
way of the Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology.  I got a
most negative response from the Editor in Chief of that journal,  Michael
Noel Hart, who, apparently without reading the letter I sent or the packet
material, said “I think you just want free advertisement for your product”
I hit the ceiling and wrote a reply from there, but I haven’t come in for a
landing yet.  Histotechs, you have given a warm reception  to those
packets---I’ve sent you 87 packets so far to 33 states and 14 countries
outside the US at NO CHARGE.  It seemed logical to include neuropathologists
in the offer, because decisions were made in my lab by my very great boss,
Dr. Anthony D’Agostino, neuropathologist, and I assumed things were much the
same in all your labs.  The packet was, again, offered AT NO CHARGE to the
good doctors. May I assume that the neuropathologists in your lab have heard
about the better methods.  If it would do any good, I would be happy to send
you histotechs copies, as needed, for the neuropathologists involved in your
muscle and nerve procedures.  They will surely be involved in any decisions
about USING the methods contained in the packets. And folks, NOT using the
methods can only lead to spurious No Pathological Diagnoses in some
percentage of your muscle and nerve cases.  This is not a matter of
taste---it’s a matter of necessity----searching, thoroughly, those tissues
sent for histochemistry, which is NOT done by the “pip-of-muscle-on-a-cork”
method in almost universal use. I know folks take some getting used to free
offers---it seems almost weird, I guess to  Dr. Hart---no pumping folks for
their cash---so he just jumped at conclusions and landed on me.
Well, I became addicted to the greater effort to search those tissues----I
actually spent 2.5 years worth of unpaid overtime at Good Sam Hospital here,
and left behind 39 weeks of unused vacation time in developing and doing
those procedures contained in the packets. I hardly believe I actually did
that----but I did----I was thinking of getting fitted for a plastic electric
halo at the time, but my head started swelling every time I was fitted, so I
just winged it,  bare headed.  You know my computer’s correction function
keeps changing histonet to hemstitch----well whenever I started writing
anyone about my goody goody doings, that corrector kept changing the phrase
“noble efforts”  to the “dojngs of a jerk!!”.  Is there anybody out there
who knows how to turn the Truth off on this danged HP keyboard?
Anyway, if there is one or more neuropathologists involved in deciding what
methods to use in your muscle and nerve lab, I will be very happy to send
any packets needed for them to see.
Incidently, a product of my green, green computer skills----when I made the
first video DVD, I figured, as it would hold 80  minutes of sound, it might
hold 40 minutes of sight AND sound>  A sure enough., there was just a little
clear band at the center of the CD, showing, I thought, that what I put on
it just barely fit. So there I went sending all of you three DVD’s to
contain the video material.  Well, somehow, I fouled up, recently, making a
set of DVD’;s to send and the whole video landed on ONE CD!  I looked at it,
and the circle in the center of the CD was about 2/3’s if the way to the
edge.  The circle I had seen in the center of the CD was the RECORDED area.
Now that just leaves leventy seven billion things I don‘t know about
computers!  So, if any of you have tromped upon any of the CD’s I sent you
with your spiky boots, I will send you one CD with the whole shebang on one
CD.  I know that pure thought transfer may be coming up, replacing keyboards
and common computers ---but I don’t really think I’ll get one----I don’t
want anybody reading that stuff!!      .
georgecole <@t> ev1,net
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