[Histonet] MMA Embedding

simoskevitz <@t> osteotech.com simoskevitz <@t> osteotech.com
Tue Dec 16 07:58:08 CST 2003

I am trying to embed a polymer in MMA.  The protocol I am using has me
dehydrating the samples at 4C and then putting it into MMA for 1 week at
-20C.  The next week I am supposed to add BPO to the MMA and also keep it
at -20C.  When I looked at it the BPO is crystalizing out.  Is this okay?
Does anyone else embed at such a low temperature?  We usually do it at 37C
in a water bath.  They want these particular samples done this way.  Any
advice for success would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Ricki Simoskevitz
Osteotech Inc.

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