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Realising that nothing in this world is perfect, am I the only one that has 
a small problem with Cynthia's statement:

"I have used this routinely for a little over a year. I do agree some of the
nuclear detail is less than wonderful but since we also have an H&E usually
cut serially it is not so problematic. I think the temperature range is not
a tight as I would like but I have found it to be very helpful. "

Is it not incumbent on the technologists to get as morphologically accurate 
a section as possible, whether IHC or not, as an aide to diagnosis? What do 
the pathologists think?


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Hi Guys,

We have recently purchased the BioCare Decloaker and have been impressed
with our improved antigen retrieval results.  Especially for antigens such
as Thyroid Transcription Factor 1 and Cytokeratin cocktail 5 & 6.  However,
it has given us some problems with spiking of high temperatures and
subsequent destruction of tissue sections.  Also nuclear detail seems to be
reduced when using this instrument.

Has anyone else out there had problems like this and can we expect anything

Sue Sturrock
Austin Health
Melbourne, Australia


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