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Although oil red O often survives archiving it doesn't always. Have you
considered seeing whether you can expose the tissue to osmium tetroxide
vapor, could then process to permanent mountant and have better
resolution? I see no reason that this would not work and might give you
a more permanent preparation.

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Micro Mavens,

I have a person who has stained macrophages with Oil Red O for fat, 
and now needs to make slides of them to be archived.
The cells are on plastic coverslips, and will be fixed with formalin. 
Cultured cells, so no sectioning, etc. I have the usual references 
for aqueous mounting media, but I'm wondering about the archival bit. 
I have no problem, unfortunately, with archival storage of my 
personal fat, but making aqueous fat mounts on slides that are 
archival is a different matter. What is the best way to do this? (For 
room temperature storage.)

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