[Histonet] workflow survey

Derek and/or Lynda Leopold leopold <@t> mnsi.net
Fri Dec 5 10:54:20 CST 2003

Hi H'netters,
I am a brand new Histotech working out of a hospital in Detroit.  We are 
currently experiencing difficulties regarding inadequately processed 
blocks as well as crazy workload bottlenecks due to the Pathologists' 
tendencies to treat   processing times like buses--miss the proper one 
and it's ok because another will come along in a couple of hours--...Of 
course, this is being heaped upon the cutting techs as poor workflow 
management (ie we're obviously working too slowly). We have convinced 
the powers that be to do a statistical study of work output but now are 
wondering how best to go about it.  We do suspect that caseloads not 
getting to the proper early processing runs are the major cause of the 
problem, but just to be sure, we want a way to measure and compare 
embedding/trimming/cutting times.  An example is: should one treat 
biopsies as bigger "units" since they require levels and one slide takes 
longer on average than a bigger piece of tissue? Any suggestions you may 
offer would surely be appreciated.
Thanks, and
really thrilled to be a Histotech, finally,
Lynda Leopold

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