[Histonet] Pathologist's Assistant Assistant?

Smith Wanda Wanda.Smith <@t> HCAhealthcare.com
Thu Dec 4 07:51:15 CST 2003

Dear Histonetters,
I do not want to open a HUGE can of worms regarding PA's, but I have a
question that I need some input on...
At facilities that use PA's, is there an Assistant to the Assistant at the
grossing table???  In other words, Is there a Lab Assistant or Histotech
always available when the PA is cutting?
The reason I ask is, we are staffed very thinly, and late in the afternoon,
things get busy with the phones, accessioning specimens, late frozen
sections, etc, etc and I could use the Lab assistant to do other things
rather than stand w/ the PA and change blades...
Input on this is appreciated and let me say, I do not want to open the
"Let's bash the PA's" can of worms!!!

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