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Patsy, we have a steamer protocol for using our all in one deparaffinization and unmasking solutions Declere and Trilogy (US patent # 6,649,386) in a steamer.   We don't endorse it as often because we were looking to standardization and there were some antibodies that needed the pressure cooker heat to work optimally (such as ALK-1, Cyclin D1, CD10, and TTF-1) and so we chose to just continue to endorse using the pressure cooker.  The steamer one step method, however, works quite well, only it takes a bit longer (60 total minutes of steam time) than in the pressure cooker.  It is located on page 54 of the current Cell Marque reference guide.
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Has anybody tried the AR reagents that deparaffinzed such as BioCare Decloaker in a steamer in place of the pressure cooker?  PC is too harsh for some of my stuff but I like using these retrieval/deparaffination reagents.
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I've been using a product from Biocare, a Universal Decloaker (6.0 citrate buffer) , which deparaffinizes during HIER in their pressure cooker (Decloaking Chamber) - they are a very Trekkie oriented company.  It works great - saves a bunch o' steps.  You might try contacting them for the specifics.  I don't think about the nature of these things if they work - I just follow along blindly . . . . . . . . .sometimes. 

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I have a procedure for deparaffinizing (their word, not mine) tissue 
sections in order to do immunostaining using the Vector MOM kit.  It 
calls for heating the section (briefly) in a microwave in 0.1M Citrate 
Buffer.  The procedure  does not specify the pH of the buffer, just to 
make it by mixing 0.1M NaCitrate and 0.1M citric acid.  Does this sound 
familiar to anyone out there?


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