[Histonet] aqueous mounting medium nad refractive index

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If "faramount" is the same as Farrant's mountant it is around 1.425.
PVA mountants can have a RI starting at approximately 1.3 and Gray's
formula has a RI of 1.382
Glycerol has RI of  1.313 to 1.47 depending on its concentration (78 ml.
glycerin + 22 ml. of water RI = 1.44,  1:1 glycerin:water has a RI of
There are a large number of formulae .
What specifically were you interested in placing in an aqueous mountant?

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Does anyone know the refractive index of Faramount (Dako) and
PVA-glycerol, both aqueous mounting mediums.

Can anyone suggest an aqueous mounting medium that has a better
refractive index than the ones mentioned above (if available)

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