[Histonet] Re: Haematoxylin in Ventana Immuno-stainer

Anissa Choi anissachoi <@t> hotmail.com
Sun Aug 24 20:18:24 CDT 2003

I am experimenting to use home made haematoxylin in the Ventana stainer .  I 
have tried Mayer's
Haematoxylin and Carazzi's Haematoxylin. The results are unsatisfactory as 
there are precipitates on
both the slides and  the slides tray inside the stainer at the end of the 
run.  I think the temperature
inside the machine may have caused this problem. I wonder is there something 
I can add to the  Hx
to make it work. Any inputs will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Anissa Choi
Burnaby Hospital

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