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Kevin, There is a standard for medical imaging, but it has not been adopted
by any anatomic pathology LIS vendors as yet. It is used in radiology right
now. So the answer for you now is, no there is no standard for pathology.

Here is the standards homepage: http://medical.nema.org/

Here is more info from a coming conference

API Working Group Session - Digital Imaging Standards in Pathology 
Wednesday, October 8, 2003
11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Marriott City Center, Conference Room B
Limited to 24 participants 

It is now the 20th anniversary of DICOM (Digital Image Communications in
Medicine), which has become the lingua franca for Teleradiology. This
standard has supported an explosive growth in the utilization of digital
imaging and electronic information interchange technologies in routine
clinical practice of diagnostic radiology. While an extension to the DICOM
standard for pathology has been in place since 1998, no APLIS vendor to date
has implemented the Visible Light supplement for production-oriented
exchange of diagnostic pathology images. This session provides salient
background as to why such an implementation of a DICOM-compliant imaging
system / server in your practice may be desirable. 

This session begins with an introduction to the DICOM standard with emphasis
on the Visible Light Image Object Definition (IOD) and how it can be used in
the setting of pathology. The steps needed to take a standard jpeg image and
annotate it to become a valid DICOM object will be reviewed. Also, current
developments in the DICOM Visible Light Working Group will be presented as a
segue into a general discussion, which will focus upon ways of encouraging
pathologists and especially APLIS vendors to implement and support
DICOM-compatible imaging solutions. 

The session is intended to result in the formation of a Working Group, which
will encourage the use of DICOM within pathology by authoring a technical
report and possibly developing a toolkit for creating DICOM objects from
pathologic images.

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Hi All,
This is a question aimed at those who store digital images in their patient

Is their a standard set by the ASCP or any other institution that gives
recommendations on the format for storing digital images in patient
Do the images have to survive in the same way that the patient record has
to be kept?

I am looking to a standard that can be used to archive images for a long
period of time so any advice would be greatly appreciated


Kevin Gibbon
QLT Inc.

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