[Histonet] sudan black B

Jose Luis Palazon Fernandez jluis.palazon <@t> icman.csic.es
Mon Aug 18 12:41:37 CDT 2003

Dear List members. 

I need your advice
I stained some slides with sudan black B. I used 4 slides per specimen and I did (delipidized, sudan black B, Bromide-sudan black, and bromide-acetone-sudan black). I have noticed that the slides were clearly black after staining, the bromide treated the most black, but after 1-2 weeks, they are turning green in color. Is the color of sudan black B stained slides not permanent? must the slides be read inmediately? or do this change in color alter the results if I read some recently stained slides and other stained some weeks ago?. Is it possible (adequate) to put the coverlips out and re-stain the slides? I would appreciate some advice from you. 

Thanks in advance

José Luis

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