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Patrick Conley Patrick.Conley at UTSouthwestern.edu
Tue Apr 17 22:09:15 CDT 2018

Dear Laboratory Managers,

Based on your feedback, Safety has worked with Thermo Fisher Scientific to host a personal protective equipment (PPE) fair that will include most of the major PPE manufacturers.   The PPE Fair is scheduled for Friday, May 4th from 11am until 1pm.  Please note that you will be receiving an Outlook invite tomorrow.

The purpose of the PPE fair is to present low cost, high quality, and novel PPE that will garner the protection required to meet laboratory operating standards for all BSL1, BSL2 and chemistry laboratories.  Lab managers will have the chance to review, evaluate, and select PPE that they believe will provide sufficient protection, utility, and comfort aiding in the routine use of this equipment when working in campus laboratories.

The following items will be presented at this PPE Fair:

  1.  Laboratory Coats- both standard and flame resistant
     *   Reusable   (cotton/poly or blends)
     *   CP/FR new dual lab coats
     *   Disposable   (MS or SMS)
  2.  Safety Glasses and Goggles
     *   Focus on style, comfort and functionality
  3.  Face shields
     *   Single and chin adapters
  4.  Bouffants, beard, shoe and boot and other consumable coverage
  5.  Gloves
     *   Exam
     *   Chemical Resistant
     *   Cut Protection
     *   Heat/Thermal Resistance
     *   Acid
     *   Glove liners
  6.  Respirators/Masks/PAPRS
     *   BSL1, BSL2, BSL3, BSL4
  7.  Hearing protection
     *   Disposable earplugs
     *   Earmuffs
  8.  ANSI First Aid products required for the lab
  9.  Primary and secondary storage of chemicals and containers
     *   HPLC
     *   Wash-bottle
  10. GHS labeling and posters for compliance
  11. Acid aprons, poly aprons and other smocks (PVC, NEOP) for lab use



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Office of Safety and Business Continuity
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Dallas Texas, 75390-9053


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