[Histonet] Molds- cold vs warm

De Guzman, Jose V Jose.R.deGuzman at gunet.georgetown.edu
Thu Sep 15 08:45:58 CDT 2022

Hi Naira,
If removing the blocks from the molds and removing the excess paraffin is taking too long, let's take a look at your equipment then technique.
1. How cold does the cold plate get?
2. How fast does it reach freezing temperature?
3. Does it maintain that same temperature the entire time spent embedding?

Technique helps with how much force is needed to remove the block from the mold. Some need to pry the block while others can embed and the mold comes off easily. Technique also helps reduce the amount of excess paraffin you need to remove from the sides. 

If you have a Wax Trimmer or looking to get one, choose one with a higher working temperature. 

While equipment and technique can save time, goals and targets should be reasonable. How much time are you actually spending performing these tasks?


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